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                Stock code: 300394

                Coating Products

                Part of Coating and Optical Component Products

                Coating Ability

                • AR,HR,Attenuated and BS coating on various bases
                • Low RL Coating on stubs(RL≤-40dB)
                • Injection molded Lens Coating
                • Filter Coating


                Customized coating service with high precision and reliabilityin the field of optical communication

                All kinds of AR,HR,BS and Filter ?lm coating on surface of optical components

                ① AR Coating ??????② BS Coating

                ③ Metal HR Coating?         ④ Filter Coating

                ⑤ Dielectric HR Coating

                AR coating on ?ber stubs and pigtails

                Injection molding Lens coating

                ① BS coating

                ② HR coating

                ③ Attenuated coating

                ④ AR coating

                Passive devices Circulator

                Passive devices MUX/DEMUX/Block


                PRODUCT CENTER

                Service hotline

                Address: No. 695 of Changjiang Road, High-tech District, Suzhou


                Zip :215129