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                New Address, New Project, New Start--Congratulation for TFC New Factory Area

                Time:2015-09-17 From:admin Hits: 9753

                New Address, New Project, New Start
                --Congratulation for TFC New Factory Area

                TFC New building was located at No.695 Changjiang Road, SND,Suzhou was completed!

                The total Area is 11,000m2, building area is 20,000m2.

                Area 12,000m2 of R&D office will be finished decoration on this December.

                Area 4000m2 of workshop converged Mold, Plastic Injection and Temporary office on 1st floor already put into use.

                TOSA Project on 2nd floor will operate on this October.

                Welcome old and new clients to be here and instruction!


                Service hotline

                Address: No. 695 of Changjiang Road, High-tech District, Suzhou


                Zip :215129

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