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                Stock code: 300394

                Exhibition activities

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                TFC and Auxora will jointly show 400G/800G Optical Engine Products in OFC2022

                Time:2022-03-02 From:admin Hits: 1372

                47th Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC), the most professional and influential global event in the optical communication field, will be held from 6.Mar to 10.Mar in San Diego Convention Center, California, USA. As the leading integrated solution provider for optical sub-assemblies, TFC Communication (stock code:300394) will show Passive and Active packaging product portfolio and solutions together with its subsidiary, Auxora in OFC2022, Booth No. 4339.Warmly welcome your visit to our booth.

                This year, TFC will highlight its optical engine and solutions for 400G/800G Optical Transceiver Application and related core technology platforms. Auxora will show their most competitive products like 400G nWDM Filter Block, WDM BOSA Core, Compact Assembly Package-DWDM Module etc. A wonderful show is just around the corner! We warmly welcome all friends and customers interested to our booth for a detailed discussion. Our professional technical and sales teams will be there to answer your questions and queries as you need.

                OFC2022, TFC-Auxora Team warmly welcome your visit to our Booth# 4339!


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